Dr Arun Chinniah


Siddha doctor ArunChinniah MD(Naturopathy) PhD(Herbal) is Siddha Dieto Therapist and Traditional Siddha Medicine Practitioner. He has Completed his Naturopathy Degree from Board of Naturopathy Medicines System, New Delhi. He has also done Ph.D(AM) and an acclaimed Siddha Psychologist. He is an expert in Siddha Medicine and Medicinal Food Preparation and has been operating in the field for more than fifteen years. He pioneered in Siddha Medicinal Food for the body, mind and spiritual welfare of the people. He has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award by Indian Solidarity Council and he is also a member of the council.

Dr Arun Chinniah has written more than 50 books related to Siddha and has done around 1500 episodes of television programs on Medicinal Foods and Siddha Medicine. He has cured more than 10000 patients from all over the world. His columns features in several leading Magazines of Tamil Nadu. He is the managing director of Aadhavan Siddhashram Pvt Ltd which manufactures patented Siddha Medicines and exports it world over. He is the founder president of TASNA-(Tamizhar Siddha Dietotherapy and Naturopathy Association) and he also serves as General Secretary for Indian Natural Therapy Council.

  • Naturotherapy
  • Human Sexuality
  • Siddha Sexologist
  • Pre Marital Counselor

Dr Arun Chinniah is an acclaimed doctor in the Media especially Television and has been very popular across the world. Almost all of his Samayal Mandhiram episodes touch the Tamil Siddha recommended lifestyle practices in terms of what has to be used and what has to be avoided. His programs in simple Tamil for ordinary people are viewed by lakhs and lakhs of Tamil people and almost 500 websites are uploading the videos of Dr.Arun Chinniah as his online visitors are in huge numbers. His TV programs commend high TRP value equalling mainstream television programs.

Indian Medicinal forms such as Siddha, Ayurveda and Naturopathy are being researched by him.The palm leaf manuscripts of Siddha Saints have unbelievable amount of information and all his books are based on the Siddha manuscripts. In simple easily understandable language Dr Arun Chinniah distributes relevant medicinal information in his books which has resulted in huge following for the same.

Indian medicinal forms lack clearly defined paramedical wings and are acting in unified manner, Dr Arun Chinniah has been working for more than 15 years to being proper paramedical divisions and he has brought Siddha Dietotherapy as a paramedical division wherein the recommendation of Padhartha Guna Sindhamani of great Siddha Saints. He has propagated Siddha foodology through the numerous Television programs and has written 20 books specific to this subject. His books have been accepted by Central Government approved Bharat Sevak Samaj as a Syllabus for the course diploma in siddha dietotherapy. Thus he has paved the way for lakhs and lakhs of future generations to take up the paramedical wing of Siddha Dietotherapy as their career.

Medical Sociology is another paramedical wing widely used in foreign countries to understand the lifestyle,habit and economic conditions of patients before starting treatments and prescribing medicines. Dr Arun Chinniah has bough this paramedical division also to Indian medicinal forms and acts as medical Sociologist to understand the lifestyle and conditions of patients. His Master degree (Sociology) from Annamalai University and his bachelor degree (Psychology) from Jodhpur National University in the year 2014 also helps in this regard.

Psychology forms another paramedical wing of Foreign medicinal forms and the great Siddha Saits have prescribed several activities for the mind to ensure the well being of any individual. The various exercises, foods and medicinal foods prescribed by them are extensively researched and books are being written by him on this subject by Dr Arun Chinniah for propagating this department.